Gebo Nordic Yeast Pitch (200 billion cells)



Here we have a fantastic yeast strain isolated from Sigmund Gjernes kveik (“Norwegian Farmhouse Yeast”) culture kindly shared by a traditional Norwegian homebrewer. A tasting panel noted flavors of orange and other tropical fruit when fermented at ~80°F/27°C with a clean finish. This strain is not very flocculant and should be great to use to add tropical notes to a NEIPA or another style. There are more experiments in progress to characterize the strain further and determine optimal pitch rates.  Note that this is not a true kveik which has multiple strains and sometimes bacteria.  For more info on kveik, see Larsblog or kveik page on Milk the Funk.

Basic characteristics:

Attenuation: 77+% (more experiments in progress)
Flocculation: Low-medium (more experiments in progress)
Temperature Range: 72-95F / 22-35C (more experiments in progress)
Alcohol Tolerance: >8% (should be at least 13%, more experiments in progress)
Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Diastaticus (STA1 gene) genotype: Negative

This pitch contains 200 billion cells fresh to order that is more than enough for a 5 gallon pitch up to 1.060.  We recommend pitching less cells for a more expressive flavor profile.  Please allow 5-10 days for processing since this pitch is made fresh to order.

UPDATE: All yeast pitches are sold out for the time being.  Check back or follow us on social media to see when we will offer it again.  Thanks to everyone who purchased some!


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