Bacteria and wild yeast have ways to sneak into your beer and ruin the flavor and/or appearance (or make it taste amazing in certain styles!).  We understand the possible sources of contamination in the brewery and what types of microbes can cause particular off-flavors and aromas.  There are a variety of microbiology and molecular biology services we provide that allow you to test whether you have contamination and identify the beer spoiler if you do, or you can try a DIY approach with our beer contamination test kit.  In addition to testing beer and wort, you can run tests from various sources at your brewery to help troubleshoot where the contaminant is coming from. We can help you do contaminant testing on a regular basis (including a service call to your brewery that follows aseptic technique as shown in this video) to prevent any sneaky microbes messing up your beer.  Besides contamination services, you may want to use our other services if you had for instance, made a great barrel aged beer and want to isolate pure cultures for testing individual strains, or want to identify the strains in a complex mixed culture with next generation sequencing. 




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