For standard (non-mobile) tests, you can pay for the test or tests you want in our shop.  If you’re looking for a specific category of tests, please refer to the Analytical, Microbiology & Molecular Biology, or Yeast Health and Fermentation pages. Obviously for some tests you may want to talk to us first before paying for them.  Then follow the instructions below:

For liquid samples (beer, yeast slurry, wort, water), you’re welcome to give us an entire can or bottle.  Alternatively, you can place your sample in a container that can hold at least 100 mL (using two 50 mL Falcon tubes is fine) and clearly write the sample ID labeled #1, 2, 3, etc. along with the same email address that you used to pay somewhere on the container (see photo below).  Please use sterile tubes if possible with aseptic technique, especially if doing microbiological testing, and fill sample tubes close to the top.

sample example

If you are submitting colonies that have been plated or streaked out on a petri dish, please wrap the plate with parafilm or saran-wrap to seal the plate.  Clearly write the sample ID labeled #1, 2, 3, etc. along with the same email address that you used to pay somewhere on the plate.

Next, send us a message (or you can write in the Paypal notes section) to describe your samples.  Here’s an example you can follow:

 Sample ID    Test  Sample type  Notes
 1  Yeast viability  Yeast slurry  Ready to pitch
 2  Yeast viability  Yeast slurry  2 weeks in fridge
 3  Yeast vitality  Yeast slurry  Ready to pitch
 4  Yeast vitality  Yeast slurry  2 weeks in fridge
 5  Yeast viability  Beer (IPA)  Bottle conditioned
 6  Yeast vitality  Beer (Brown ale)  Bottle conditioned

If doing multiple tests on the same sample, keep the same ID the same for all tests and follow this example below:

 Sample ID   Test  Sample type  Notes
 1 Selective plating  Beer  Keg
 1  ABV  Beer  Keg
 1  IBU  Beer  Keg

For dropping off samples, please schedule a time to come by the lab (the address is on our homepage) or you can put the sample in the 24 hour dropbox if you are local (just make sure your sample container is less than 2 X 10 inches or else it won’t fit):


For shipping samples, please pack samples well and keep cold with ice packs or dry ice if you are trying to keep the sample frozen.  You must use UPS or FedEx or other carriers to ship beer (USPS does not allow alcohol to be shipped). Ship to the address on our homepage.

You will receive your test results via email according to the turnaround time on the brochure.

Please contact us for any questions or custom tests you want to run.  Thanks!

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