Here’s what some of our awesome customers say…

“Sean has been a great resource for us here at Imperial Yeast.  His work for us on assisting with genetic identification of unknown microorganisms and providing us with third party validation of some of our QC processes has been extremely helpful.  Along with being a great source of knowledge, Sean’s turnaround time in the lab is super fast.”

Jess Caudill
Technical Support Manager
Imperial Yeast


“There are so many variables involved with the production of great beer, some we can see but most are invisible to us without the assistance of a laboratory. There are only so many tools available to us as a microbrewery due to budgetary constraints but with the help of Sleight Beer Lab we are able to uncover those variables that were previously hidden. Often times, with just one single test from Sleight Beer Lab, we can hone our ability to produce higher quality, more consistent beer. The more individual tests we have at our disposal, the better our beer gets; fortunately Sleight has a plethora of tests that allow us to confidently sharpen our processes without the massive economic sacrifice involved with building and staffing our own laboratory.”

John Marti
Head Brewer
Lowercase Brewing


“The DIY Beer Contamination test kits from Sleight Beer Lab gives home brewers and small breweries without a lab the ability to really check their cleaning procedure and make sure the best beer possible goes into the package. We really like how easy the tests are to use and the information they provide is invaluable. Now any brewery can have professional laboratory testing done at a reasonable price.”

Tony Ochsner
Micro Homebrew


“Sean at Sleight Beer Lab provides quality laboratory analysis at a reasonable price. He listens closely to customers and is constantly adding new products and services to meet their needs.”

Dave Keller
Co-owner and Brewer
Peddler Brewing Co.


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