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Sean Sleight is the founder and CEO of Sleight Beer Lab, located in Seattle, WA.  He started the beer lab to combine his passion for beer (homebrewer for 12+ years) with his technical skills in the lab (20+ years experience) to help people make great, high quality beer.  Before starting the beer lab he was a strain engineer and manager in the synthetic biology group at Matrix Genetics, an algae biofuels company in Seattle.  Sean did his postdoc work studying the evolutionary stability of genetic circuits and developing DNA assembly methods for synthetic biology at the University of Washington.  He received educational degrees (a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from Michigan State University in 2007 and a B.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from University of Arizona in 1999) and some awards (a Duvall Award for Ph.D. research and iGEM medals as an advisor for the University of Washington team).  See Sean’s most recent CV.

Sean is also a member of the ASBC (American Society for Brewing Chemists) and MBAA (Master Brewers Association of the Americas) and subscribes to industry standard protocols to maintain high quality testing.  He has done collaborations with breweries, worked temporarily at two breweries to learn brewery processes, and took White Labs Yeast Essentials course to learn proper yeast handling, fermentation methods, and beer quality control in the laboratory.  He is currently studying to become a certified Cicerone.

Sleight Beer Lab is located inside SoundBio Lab, a community lab dedicated to promoting science education, providing access to biotechnology, and fostering self-learning in order to inspire the next generation of scientists.

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