Make your best beer.

UPDATE: The lab is currently on hiatus so no tests can be run at the moment.  Stay tuned.

Welcome!  Sleight Beer Lab is run by Sean Sleight, an avid homebrewer, beer enthusiast, and certified biology nerd.  We specialize in running analytical, microbiology/molecular biology, and yeast health/fermentation tests for the brewing community.  We want to help you run quick, inexpensive, and reliable tests so that you can make fast decisions and focus on making the best beer possible.  We have a full laboratory with a laminar flow hood to conduct a variety of tests, but also have a portable lab using state-of-the-art equipment for doing tests on the go if you live in the greater Seattle area.

Our mission is to deliver high quality test results and advance brewing science.  

See Dick Cantwell’s video on why quality control is important for your brewery.

Doing tests (brewing science) on a regular basis will allow you to
(a) observe trends over time for detailed record keeping,
(b) identify problems early in the pipeline,
(c) make consistently great beer, and
(d) improve beer shelf life.

Let us know how we can help you to maintain quality control, troubleshoot problems, and take your beer to the next level.  Check out testimonials from some of our awesome customers.

jess testimonial
Contact us to get a free demo of our mobile lab services, want to request a custom test or quote, or if you have any questions.  Although we specialize in beer, we are open to testing other fermented beverages such as cider, wine, or kombucha so please get in touch. Please visit our shop to browse and check out our full range of products and services.  We encourage you to contact us so that we can discuss how we can help before making any purchases.  Cheers!